A client testimonial

Initially I couldn't rely on what I had absorbed when I was in your session, firstly it was my first time and second it was a new method experience for me. After a couple of days to reflect what came naturally as a implementation from the session (my oxygen I needed to use less of) was very enlightening, I am still adjusting and prob thinking about the words you/Pip had said, procrastination, resentfulness. The reflection of those words is a great source of internal research, which I have found enlightening observation from my past. Both words have some substance but not entirely as negatives in my life.

Thank you again.

What do I mean by "Healing the reluctant amongst us"?

I know from my experience that there are a lot of people out there who could benefit from "healing"; the problem is, many of them don't know it, or are reluctant to veer off of the path of conventional medicine.

I truly believe that if you have an accident and break a bone, then you need conventional medicine to repair the damage to the physical body, the "machine" if you will. But after you get sent on your way in a plaster cast, or bandaged up, who will repair the spirit or your soul? What was going through your head that day? Were you troubled by something and maybe distracted? What mental or emotional damage may have been done as a result of the physical injury?

Pip and John"Healing" is not an alternative to conventional medicine, it is complementary to it. Interestingly, when my wife Pip had cancer, the oncologist said "If you are not in the right frame of mind the chemotherapy isn't going to work anyway". If chemo' is all conquering, what does your state of mind have to do with anything? Why do some people on drug trials who take the placebo get better too?

There is so much more going on in this world than conventional medicine can currently explain, and if you are open-minded, we may be able to help you.

I look forward to hearing from you.